About Us

River Bend Estates was begun in 1978 when George Day began buying large pieces of property which eventually became our subdivision. Our Restrictive Covenants were officially filed July 31, 1980 in volume 200 pages 151-159 and our official Plat Map was finished and filed August 12, 1985 in Volume 6 on page 113 of the plat records of Bandera County. Our Articles of Incorporation were filed March 17, 1999 and even though an initial set of Bylaws were drawn up, our official set of Bylaws were filed in 2012 in volume 928 pages 330-344.

Our restrictive Covenants were challenged by Ron Fox and a final Judgment was issued January 31, 2012 whereby certain sections were either changed or deleted entirely. That was case number CVOC-07-467 in the 216th Judicial District of Bandera County, TX.

Even though we have various levels of Flood zones attributed to our Subdivision, we have a healthy community and many deer who live on or flow through our beloved Community.

We are a self managed Property Owners Association and we use a robust Software Management Application known as PayHoa. Within this tool we have communication methods and Message boards, Surveys, Calendars, Architectural Control Committee Submissions, Full Lot Owner ledgers, etc. We communicate with our owners through this online app and try very hard to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening in our community.

We are a community based road maintenance subdivision and therefore the majority of our Maintenance Fees (more commonly known as Assessments or Dues) are used to maintain our 4 miles of roads within our boundaries.

We are very proud of our private park which runs along the Medina River. You will find lot owners, their families and guests enjoying our park on most weekends. The park gate is controlled by a “Gate Key” which must be purchased from and issued by the POA. This one-time fee is only $20 (unless you lose it, then you pay again). We have a small playground and fire pit as well as an open covered patio area with a table and chairs which accommodates larger groups. We have a handicap Porta-Potty with a hand washing station. Please be courteous and if our trash containers at the river are full, please haul the full bags up to the dumpster at the top of the hill and place the bags along the side of the dumpster. We will be along to unlock the container and put the trash inside. Replacement trash bags can be found at the bottom of each trash can. We appreciate your commitment to keeping our park clean and healthy. We do have another park which is not in use at this time.

We have many volunteers here in our community and we are VERY appreciative of every single one of them and what they do for the betterment of us all. We are a self managed association with all members of our board being volunteers and working tirelessly to be the best we can be.